E Coli in Germany equals money for Monsanto?




Health officials in Germany have confirmed that they have detected the first case of human-to-human spread of the deadly strain of the E. coli bacterium that has claimed the lives of almost 40 people.

Authorities say a woman working in a kitchen of a catering company near Frankfurt, in the state of Hesse, became infected with the bacterium after eating sprouts and passed it on to 20 people she prepared food for.

“Now we have the proof that in this case a human passed on the germ to the vegetables and then it was passed to other humans,” Daniel Bahr, Germany’s health minister, said on Saturday, during a visit to the Institute of Hygiene of the University Hospital in Muenster.

– Al Jazeera  http://english.aljazeera.net/news/europe/2011/06/201161941630620984.html

GMOs are made by manipulation of extremely deadly viruses & bacteria (such as E. coli) that have been engineered to be IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS . Monsanto spends millions of dollars each year in order to “sugar” coat the facts of what GMOs actually are and more importantly, how they are made. Monsanto manufactures their GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) by simply removing all the corporate propaganda, the “smoke & mirrors” if you will.


Are these E Coli breakouts a way for Monsanto to kill off their competition?

Would it be cheaper for them to pay the Media to run a fake news story?

Is this part of a much bigger agenda to push people away from raw and organic foods?


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