Fuk U Shima – The 311 Connection

TEPCO officials confirmed today the months-long of suspicion that the Reactor No. 1 at Fukushima suffered a full meltdown. According to the disclosure today, workers discovered earlier this week that No. 1’s containment vessel has been leaking water and today discovered a sizeable hole they believe was created by fallen fuel pellets. The water leakage not only indicates that the clean up efforts will take longer than originally expected but also that the worst case scenario was already underway when TEPCO said it had been avoided. – The Atlantic Wire

Was Fuk U Shima a HAARP attack?  This video makes me wonder….

Is it merely coincidence that the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami occurred on 3/11/11  ?

Hrmm.. what popular logo comes to mind when you think of 3/11  ?

Notice the three 11’s ?

Now take a look at a mural recently discovered in one of Bank of America’s lobbies.

Notice the man in a white hazmat suit.  Look familiar?

(Fukushima Reactor Workers)

And let’s not forget the culture creators that drilled the numbers 311 into our brains years ago.

There is clearly more going on with the Fukushima situation than we are being told.

Is the supposed radiation from the meltdown real?  Or yet another cover-up for something even more sinister?


Pentagon Bomb Scare – Terrorism 2.0 ?

Marine Corps Reserve Corporal Arrested in Pentagon Bomb Scare

A Marine Corps Reserve lance corporal who was carrying suspected bomb making materials and pro-al Qaeda literature was arrested in Arlington National Cemetery early this morning, triggering a bomb scare that snarled Washington’s morning rush hour. The FBI, however, determined that the material in the man’s backpack was harmless.

“There was not a device and the products found are determined right now to be inert,” said Brenda Heck, special agent in charge of counterterrorism for the FBI.

The material in the suspect’s backpack tested negative as a potential explosive, sources said.

Sources told ABC News earlier that the backpack contained what was believed to be ammonium nitrate and spent ammunition for an automatic weapon. The material was reportedly contained in four large ziplock type bags.

Sources also said there were pro-al Qaeda statements found in a notebook that contained mostly notes for a financial class. There was also was a page containing words “al qaeda,” “Taliban rules,” “mujahidin” and “defeated coalition forces.”  – ABC NEWS June 17, 2011

A couple Pentagon images from the collective conscious….

Let’s have a look at some other events that occurred on June 17th….

The beginning of one scandal and the end of another.


6 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 18

1 + 8 = 9

Numerologically speaking, the number nine is the transition number. It is the last period of work before the end and starting over. 

Does the bomb scare at the Pentagon signify the end of the infamous terrorist threat we have all been conditioned to?  Are we transitioning into a new threat paradigm?